Who am I?

My name is Anna and I am an integrative therapist -  this means that I use several different approaches in my work. I have completed three major forms of training - Person Centred, Transactional Analysis and Gestalt and have integrated these and other ways of working into my practice. If you are interested in understanding more about these I have included a little extra information on the following page.  I am currently working in several primary schools as their school counsellor and also have a small private practice in Etchingham, East Sussex where I can see adults, young people and children.


Why would you come and see me?

As adults and children we are motivated to fulfil our potential but things often get in the way and divert us off course. Sometimes we discover that we have developed ways of being that no longer help us or beliefs that limit us and that we want to change. We might find this in our relationships with others, in the way we deal with different situations or we might just find that it is our sense of self that doesn’t feel quite right. If this is the case for you then I would like to help.


So how do I work?

I like to create a calm and confidential  space where you can come and share your thoughts and concerns and be listened to. My training enables me to help you understand what's going on in your life and to refocus. Together we will look at things like your relationships with others, your sense of self, your body’s response to emotion and stress, and your life goals. I also use mindfulness as a part of my approach- this is a way of achieving a greater awareness and acceptance of yourself and what is around you.


What can I offer you?

My hope is that by working together and building a trusting relationship you will be able to understand yourself better and  through that I can support you to achieve any changes you may want to make.


How do I work with children?

With children I work in a collaborative way, with parents, teachers or carers; working to find the best possible way to support a child. This means that the first meeting usually includes parents or whoever is caring for the child. When working with younger children, although sessions are confidential, I like to keep an open line of communication with families throughout. My approach with children is mainly through creative work to help them express different experiences and feelings.